Heavenly Father, we are gathered here to commemorate those among Your servants who have been called to Your bosom in the Land of Light. We pray that Your mercy and justice have made right their human failings and faults. We pray that whatever justice was denied them in this vale of tears has been granted them a hundredfold. We pray that whatever comforts they were denied in this life, whatever evil they endured, may now rebound to their everlasting happiness.

We are thankful for their companionship and association in this life. By their efforts we are assured security and strength. Because they served well, we are proud to call them our own. We ask that, following in their footsteps, we may continue in Your service until Your summons comes. Then, in the knowledge that we have striven to observe Your councils and precepts, may be judged worthy to be united with them and with You forever in Heaven. Amen.


Jesse Henry

Member -

William Mann

Member - Army

William Fitzgerald

Member - Army

William Riopel

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Thomas Stednick

Member - Navy